In the land of wilds endured; give ye faithful fear interred;
Swear upon thy father’s blade, and bear ye courage unrestrain’t.
I am the Vulphen, faithful, loyal, fore’er bound;
until the blood of brother’s spilt, give my life unto the ground.

Ancestors hear this oath I swear, and solemn word:
I am the sword, and I am the shield.
I am judge, I am judged, and I am justice given form.
I shall guard the realm through dusk, dawn and life beyond.
Against beast and blight and corruption foul;
I pledge my life to the Outrider’s here, before and after,
Old God’s take me should I fall, and bear my spirit forever more.

- Oath of the Vulphen Outrider’s, since time immemorial.


Welcome to Vulpherim; and the Frontier beyond humanity.

Vulpherim Chapters

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